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Best Night Clubs

Zouk club(Riverside)

From fresh faced 18-year-olds who’ve just got their first ID, to long time clubbing veterans, few would disagree that Zouk is the best club in Singapore. Not only is it the best, but it’s also the longest running, having opened its doors over two decades ago. Entry is around $S20 with a free drink (free for ladies on Wednesday).

Opening Hours: Weds, Fri - Sat 21:00 - 04:00

Address: 17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore Tel: +65 6738 2988

Best Night Clubs

Canvas Nightclub (Clarke Quay)

Taking the reins of the much-loved Home Club which occupied the same waterside spot at Clarke Quay for years, Canvas nightclub certainly has some large shoes to fill.

Open: 15:00-03:00

Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk B1-01/06 Singapore

Tel: +65 (0)6538 2928

Opening Hours: 15:00 - 03:00Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk B1-01/06 Singapore

Tel: +65 6538 2928

Best Night Clubs

Club Kyo(CBD) Kyo

Club Kyo(CBD) Kyo is a popular underground club, both in terms of its music policy, as well as its location (it’s housed in a former bank vault in the basement of Keck Seng Tower). It’s $S20/25 entry fee for men/woman after 22:00 (includes one drink).

Open: Weds-Fri 21:00-04:00, Sat 21:00-06:00

Address: 133 Cecil Street, Keck Seng Tower #B1-02, Singapore

Tel: +66 (0)8299 8735

Best Night Clubs

Attica (Clarke Quay)

If mainstream dance music is your thing and you love the nighlife hub of Clarke Quay, then Attica is up there with some of the best clubs in Singapore.

$S30 to get in + 2 free drinks (free for ladies on Weds).

Open: Wed-Sat 22:30-04:00, Sun-Tue 17:30-23:00

Address: 3A River Valley Road Tel:+65 (0)6333 9973